Welcome to Grace

Grace United Methodist Church, a historic and active congregation located in the center of downtown St. Augustine, has remained a vital congregation for well over a hundred years. Today the people of Grace Church are becoming a multi-generational, disciple-making congregation that cares for the vulnerable in our church, community and world. Guests to St Augustine are welcome to visit the historic Grace sanctuary most weekday afternoons from 1 pm to 3 pm. All are welcome to worship with us on Sundays at 8:00 am, 9:00 am or 11 am. Come as you and experience God's grace to become who God created you to be.

What's Great About Grace?

Grace isn’t just the name of an historic building on the corner of Carrera and Cordova in St Augustine. Grace is a beautiful gift of God for everyone. God’s gift of grace allows us to recognize that God is not afraid or ashamed of us. God sees us as human beings, with all our hurts, habits and hang ups, and God moves close. Like a first responder running toward the wounded and wrecked with hope to restore and save, we understand that God has turned toward our wounded and wrecked world with hope to restore and save. We understand that God hasn’t picked some and not others to offer this gift of grace. God’s grace is a beautiful gift for everyone.

Awakening to this gift of God and receiving it in all its mystery gives us peace with God and moves us toward peace with one another. Grace doesn’t fix all our problems, but it turns them all into opportunities for beauty to erupt. The reason for that is we begin attending to where God is present in our “problems,” and trusting that God has something to say if we will listen.

Encountering and awakening to God’s gift of grace comes with an invitation to follow and be formed by grace. While not pontificating or shaming, grace is demanding. Like the potter’s hand on a lump of clay, grace wants to lead to something. Recently, our Bishop Ken Carter put it this way. “Grace wants to lead us to more opportunity, more equality, more flourishing, more patience, more justice, more covenant-keeping, more hope, more and deeper followers of Jesus; and said differently, less unfairness, less judgmentalism, less prejudice, less violence, less despair, less hunger, less racism, less sexual harassment, less mimicking of unhealthy patterns of behavior that we see in the world.”

This way of grace through Jesus is something that shapes the personality of Grace United Methodist Church and is woven into God’s future story for our life together. These days we are experimenting with ways to become a church for all generations, making disciples of next generations for the transformation of the world. We are just beginning to learn that God’s beauty is best seen and experienced when we serve, worship and pray together across generations. It hasn’t been our habit to function this way, but we are convinced that God really wants to teach us and our community something wonderful by intentionally looking for ways to involve more than one generation when serving, worshipping and praying together. We’d love for you to come be a part of this adventurous, unfolding story of God’s great gift of grace!

Community Conversations

Community Conversations at Grace on Tuesdays from 12:00 - 1:15 p.m. serve our community as a grace-filled, transformational table for moving closer to one another in the face of things that divide us. Lately we have been talking about the impact of race and learning ways we can be agents of reconciliation. The conversation and learning there easily applies to a host of other variables that threaten to divide us as well.  Click here to see an invitation to a four-day gathering on Nov 5-8 for key leaders in our community to learn skills for effective communication and collaboration across race differences.

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