Beginning January 1, 2020 you are invited to read the Bible a little bit every day for a year. The goal is to read the whole Bible in 365 days.

You might be thinking, “Why?” And, “Who cares?” Or, “That sounds like torture.”

You may have read some, most or all of the Bible, and you know that it can be weird, exhausting, beautiful, complicated, powerful, disturbing, confusing, inspiring, dull and hopeful.  And that’s just the first five books of the Bible (of which there are 66).

Reading the Bible, especially reading it all the way through in one year, takes commitment. And to read it well requires the support and encouragement of a group of friends who are open to growing in wisdom (no matter how old you are or how much you might or might not already know about the Bible).

So, that’s the invitation: Make a commitment to read through the Bible in a year with a group of friends in pursuit of wisdom (which is not the same as answers to all life’s mysteries!).

If you would like to do this, here are the logistics:

  • Register for “Bible in a Year 2020.”
  • Click here for the reading schedule that involves about 15-20 minutes of reading every day. When we reach the New Testament in August the reading time goes down to 10-15 minutes or less.
  • Choose your Bible. The “NRSV Daily Bible: Read, Meditate and Pray through the entire Bible in 365 days” is great, but you don’t have to use that one. That one is nice because it has the reading divided up in the schedule we’ll be using along with some reflection by a classic or contemporary writer.  Other recommendations would be the CEB Study Bible or The New Interpreters Study Bible (both contain quality notes from scholars within our Church tradition). The CEB Navigation Bible is great for adults starting to read the Bible for the first time. And the CEB Student Bible is great for teenagers starting to read the Bible.  At times you may like the daily readings being read to you which can be done via the “You Version” Bible app on your phone or tablet.
  • Access the weekly podcast that will be about 15-20 long. These recordings will offer some helpful background for approaching our reading and reflection for the week. These podcasts are produced by our friends at Hyde Park UMC in Tampa FL as they will be reading through the Bible in a Year also. Choose your preferred podcast provider: Apple Podcast. Spotify. Overcast.
  • Gather on Sunday mornings at 10:15 a.m. at the Grace Church building for a 45 minute group discussion around the readings for that week.
  • Daily reading journal through the “Slack app.” This will serve as a place for the group participants to post their own brief reflections, questions and insights to keep each other motivated and connected during the week.