Children's Sunday Classes

We have children’s small group Bible study classes at Grace United Methodist that meet during both the 9:15 and 11:00 services.  The 9:15 classes are taught using the rotation method which means the children rotate in their age-level small groups to a different class each week of the month.  The 4 rotation classrooms are Art, Games, Drama and Video.  This method allows for the children to really learn the story and apply it to their lives as they complete the 4 rotations based on the same Bible lesson.  The Sunday Class teachers are all caring and dedicated adults and have completed a background screening to provide a safe environment for all children.  Children’s Sunday classes run till 10:30 even though the worship service ends at 10:15 as that allows our parents an opportunity to fellowship with each other following the service.

Unto Others

Unto Others is our newest children’s group which meets on Sunday mornings from 10:30-11:00 in room 6.  This is a group based on living out the Golden Rule—do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Each week the kids work on projects designed to bring joy or help to others in our church and in our community.  We have decorated pillowcases for the Cold Shelter Nights, baked cookies for local fire-fighters, made cards for those serving in the Military, created art & craft items for our shut-in members and so on.  Kids of all ages are welcome to join us and parents are encouraged to attend the adult Bible Study meeting at the same time just down the hall from the kids.


Joyful Voices

Joyful Voices is the name of our children's choir.  We practice on Sunday mornings with our fantastic music director, Mike Sanflippo.  There are practice sessions during the Sunday Children's Class time at both the 9:15 and the 11:00 services.

Grace Kids

Grace Kids Camp is held every Wednesday (except the first Wednesday of the month when PowerHouse meets instead) from 5:00—6:30 at Grace United Methodist Church. Grace Kids is an active midweek Bible based program for kids ages 3 years through 5th grade. Caregivers drop kids off and we begin with some playtime outside before heading in to start our camp activities which include worship through music & prayer, bible study, games, crafts, and a time of free play where kids can build friendships. Grace Kids Camp is active, fun, and allows our kids to learn while deepening their friendships with each other and with Jesus. We would love for your children to join us in the fun! You can contact Martha at if you have any questions.

Bible Tales for Tots

Bible Tales for Tots meets every Friday morning from 10:30-11:30 at Grace United Methodist Church located at the corner of Cordova & Carrera Streets in downtown St. Augustine. We have 2 groups, the infant & toddler group where moms & caregivers get to share stories and support each other as the little ones play, and the pre-school group with a story, craft, snack & playtime for the little ones also allowing the moms & caregivers time to share and support each other.  Free parking is provided in the church parking lot. We would love for you and your little ones to join us! You can contact Martha at if you have any questions.

PowerHouse Family Worship

PowerHouse is Grace United Methodist's once-a-month family worship & study time with the goal of giving our families the tools they need to take the POWER of GOD into their HOUSE as they become followers of Jesus.

PowerHouse! Meets the first Wednesday of every month from 5:30—6:30.  PowerHouse begins in the sanctuary for a time of worship and study with the entire family present and a message that reaches young and old alike.  Following worship, is a time for breakout groups: the parents group with time to discuss ideas for reinforcing this message at home throughout the month, the youth (middle & high school) group with activities & discussion on how they can live out this message with their family & friends throughout the month, and the kids group with an activity, craft or game based on the message to take home as a reminder for their family to help them disciple each other at home throughout the month.  Free parking is provided in the church parking lot and potluck dinner is held immediately after the PowerHouse service.  We would love for you and your family to join us!  You can contact Martha at if you have any questions.